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The Community Vibe And Ability To Network

My coach rocks! The flexibility to focus on material of interest. Group classes and recital opportunities. The community vibe and ability to network with other artists.

Anthony Mauro
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
June 21, 2018

Very Friendly And Personalized!! And Very Professional

Very friendly and personalized!! Always on top of everything, reaching out and very professional

Melvina Damour
April 10, 2018

Great Staff And Support

My vocal trainer is awesome! Singers Edge has a great staff and support.

Jason Coombs
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
March 7, 2018

Everyone Is Just So Dang Nice!

Everyone is just so dang nice!

Rabiya Mansoor
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
February 21, 2018

Always Friendly, Always Professional

Always friendly. Always professional. Singer’s edge is a supportive community unlike any other that I am happy to be a part of.

Gabriella Mallia
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
February 21, 2018

Group Classes, Performances, Concerts

Coaching one on one, group classes, performances, concerts!

Willy Ah-Sing
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
January 30, 2018

Everyone Is So Friendly And Supporting

Everything everyone is so friendly and supporting

Julia Voss
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
December 26, 2017

Very Professional

Very professional

Shreya Kumar
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
October 23, 2017

Get From My Chest To Head Voice Smoothly While Maintaining The Power Without Causing Strain

Singers edge helped me diagnose what I’m doing wrong and helped me work different techniques to improve my voice. Allowing me get from my chest to head voice smoothly while maintaining the power without causing strain. Allowing me to sing for longer periods of time more frequently. They’ve helped me get exactly where I want to be as a vocalist!

Shjaane Glover
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
July 6, 2017

Absolutely Top Quality

The level of professionalism is absolutely top quality

Megan Hughes
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
March 25, 2017

Good Music Coaches, Amazing Music School!

Good Music Coaches, Amazing Music School!

Luis Calderon
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
March 6, 2017

Your Singing Coaches Put Their Hearts Into Their Work And Authentically Care

Professional and friendly. Your Singing coaches put their hearts into their work and authentically care about the people they are working with. Adrian brings a great deal of creative and business insights into our discussions. Joanna is excellent at motivating my son into expanding his creativity and view during his songwriting Thank you

Caelen Wolfe
Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons Toronto, Young Student
February 7, 2017

Lesson Plan Was Consistent With My Goals As A Guitarist And Singer

I thought the lesson was very comprehensive, and I liked how my teacher, Toby, was able to make a lesson plan that was consistent with my goals as a guitarist and singer.

Luca Colasanto
Adult, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons Toronto
January 18, 2017

Knowledgeable And Helpful, Cheerful And Friendly

Matt is very knowledgeable and helpful. The front desk staff are cheerful and friendly.

Jack Vodov
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
January 4, 2017

Very Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff that are easy to approach. The quarterly performance opportunities are great and I love that the studio arranged photo sessions for the students and gave us free copies. Keep up the great work 🙂

Siva Suresh
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
September 8, 2016

Amazingly Talented Coaches, Friendly Environment

Amazingly talented coaches, friendly environment, a great place to meet fellow artists from the city. It’s is hands down the best place for music in Toronto!

Divya Vivekanandan
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
September 8, 2016

Amazing Coaches, Wonderfully Skillful, Fun Teachers

If you’re looking for a fun and comfortable environment to learn to sing or to improve upon your singing skills, Singer’s Edge is your goal! Singer’s Edge has amazing coaches, wonderfully skillful, fun teachers as well as amazing staff. As a current student, Nevon and other coaches at Singer’s Edge, have taught me various vocal warm ups and technical exercises to train my voice. As a constant supporter and experienced musician, he truly tailors the lessons to the individual. If you’re looking to amp up your vocals, look no further.”

Lorand Kis
Voice Lessons Toronto, Young Student
February 29, 2016

Love That I Get To Take Classes For Free

Everyone who works at Singer’s Edge is great (and so nice)! The lessons are always fun (but informative) and I’ve definitely seen improvement since joining the school. I’ve also been in the background vocals class since I started, and love that I get to take that class for free along with my lessons.

Kristina Neuman
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
February 26, 2016

Best Training I’ve Ever Experienced!

Best training I’ve ever experienced! Within my first few lessons, I had accessed a whole other dimension of my voice that I didn’t even know existed. He has created an open learning environment where I feel comfortable trying new things and exceeding my limitations. He genuinely cares about the improvement of his students and provides incredible opportunities for them to grow. If an “Edge” is what you’re looking for… Singer’s Edge is the place to be.

Liz Loughery
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
August 17, 2015

Broadened Range, Corrected Pitch & Improved Intonation

My first voice lesson brought to light immediate results. He tuned in to my individual voice and was quickly able to tell me what adjustments I needed to make to improve my singing. Not only have the techniques I learned from Brandon helped me broaden my range, correct my pitch and improve my intonation, but the same techniques have helped me to sing safely through sore throats due to colds. Training with Brandon has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of performing full time. For this I am truly grateful.

Midtown Duo, Disney Cruises
Voice Lessons Toronto
April 13, 2015

I’ve Never Felt More Confident

I have to say that I am so so grateful for your help. I’ve never felt more confident as I did this morning when we were in Audio. He said I did a great job, and the Audio technician, whom I’ve worked with many times, and who is a very experienced musician, said that he thinks my lessons with you have made a big difference. He said “you have a new skill”. So thank you Brandon. My big bosses will be so grateful too, once they hear the difference.

Giselle - Giselle's Big Backyard
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
November 23, 2014

I Have Referred Many Professional Friends

I have referred many professional friends to Brandon- and the list keeps growing. Every time I have referred a singer, they call me and thank me for introducing me to Brandon as he changes their lives by opening up their voices to reach their true potential. He continues to do this with me- always with a smile and open ears.

Alex James
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
April 3, 2014

Improved My Range & Liberated My Voice

Brandon has helped me improve my range and liberate my voice.

Karine Ste-Marie
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
November 17, 2013

More Than A School, This Place Is A Community!

Changed my voice for the better. More than a school, this place is a community! I have been singing since I was eight, I am in my twenties now and had no idea that I even needed proper training till I started with Brandon almost two years ago! His coaching made a night and day difference in my voice. My band members actually saw a drastic improvement in my voice after just two classes with Brandon. My friends, family and band members continue to express how amazing my voice has become in the past few years. It is only up from here! I’ve had such a remarkable 3 year journey with Singers Edge so far. My voice consistently keeps improving and I discover new capabilities with it on a regular basis! My critics, band members and friends now say I sound like a professional singer and I couldn’t be happier to hear that! If you want to be your best and make some amazing contacts in the local music scene, this is the place for it!

Deepa Maha
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
March 5, 2013

Gained That Elusive Confidence In My Voice

After trying many different styles and techniques I can finally say I found the way to good vocal technique. Brandon’s positive attitude and charisma, his in-depth know-how and energy are exactly what I was looking for. The studio is so cozy and the way the light comes through the window is so inspiring, the whole ambiance, amazing. I came to the right environment and the right person which will help me gain that elusive confidence in my voice. If I lived in Toronto I would be there have voice lessons every other day!

Carlos Zapien
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
November 3, 2012

So Much More Consistency & Way More Confidence

For two and a half months before rehearsals started, I took voice lessons with Brandon and i can’t tell you what a drastic difference it made in my voice. I had issues with disconnectedness and tonal differences between head and chest and not knowing how to blend them… I came away from that short period of time of voice training work with Brandon, with so much more knowledge, how to practice, so much more consistency and way more confidence. I’m so happy with myself and my employers are really happier with me. Thank you Brandon SO much. Can’t wait to see you next summer.

Larenne Vine
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
October 15, 2012

Results In Such A Short Time

I am so impressed with the results you’ve had in such a short time I’ve begun giving out your number to some of my clients.

Gavin Bradley
May 17, 2012

It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend Mr. Brophy

Brandon is an absolutely marvelous teacher… And he’s fast too! Mr. Brophy is an excellent musician and has over the years I’ve known him developed a vocal range that extends to well over 3 octaves. He not only plays piano well but is also very much aware of the various musical styles that different vocal performers use. His voice is free and has a large vocal range with a developed ability to sing with ease and fulfill the requirements within any style of music (pop, jazz, r&b, musical theatre). He shows a strong focus towards his voice teaching career and towards various educational capacities for the Speech Level Singing organization. I believe that he will pull into his voice training work the entire musical prowess experienced in his lifelong passionate focus towards his vocal application. He has the ability to combine not only his performance skills, but also his voice teachers mind for musical education. Being a complete musician he will accomplish success by achieving it himself and encourage and support his students in doing the same. Brandon is one of those peculiar pupils who is so in love with his craft that he wants to extend it towards others in anyway he can. It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend Mr. Brophy. I myself have been teaching for 52 years, and I must say that Mr. Brophy is the kind of voice teacher that we should all be fortunate to be able to work with. If you need any further information, please see my website www.sethriggs.com.

Seth Riggs
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
April 17, 2011

Conquered All The Obstacles In Singing I’ve Battled For Years

Brandon’s positive affirming spirit and brilliant understanding of music and the voice has helped me conquer all the obstacles in singing that I’ve battled for years. I have been singing principals in west end shows as well, something that has been a lifelong dream of mine. In just under 2 years of voice lessons studying with Brandon, I’ve made phenomenal progress, expanding my vocal range to 4 octaves, building strength in my voice, and giving me the ability and confidence to sing any song from opera to R&B. Brandon’s lively and friendly persona makes my every lesson a real joy to go to every week. Every voice lesson is fun and relaxing as well as enriching and inspiring.

Lisa Bender
Adult, Voice Lessons Toronto
February 17, 2011

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