Our Book The Singer’s Instinct

“[…]This book is genius. It’s an inspiring read that will provide you with a solid foundation for your singing technique and artistic expression.”

– Dave Stroud, Hollywood Celebrity Vocal Coach

Book Summary

Singing Book This landmark book reveals and simplifies the 4 foundations of great contemporary singing, helping you uncover the exhilaration and creativity of your own singing style. Brophy combines cutting-edge cross-disciplinary techniques along with practical, no-nonsense guidance on how to:

  • extend your vocal range
  • building strength and dynamic flexibility
  • cultivate musical vitality for contemporary singing
  • create, discover, and empower your unique vocal sound
  • progress quickly using focussed practicing techniques.

The Beginner Guide approach

  • Clear step by step instructions
  • Learn by doing, start right away
  • Leave out the boring bits

dave-stroud“Genius is making complex concepts easy to understand and this book is genius as Brandon creates a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to the complex art of singing. The tools he shares in his book are instrumental in elevating your singing to its potential. It’s an inspiring read that will provide you with a solid foundation for your singing technique and artistic expression. I look forward to the thousands of voices that this book will guide and inspire!”

Dave Stroud, Hollywood Celebrity Vocal Coach

line-hilton“There are plenty of books out there on vocal technique, style, practice methods, vocal anatomy and musical theory but more often than not they are aimed at classical singers, written by people who do not understand the contemporary voice, basic anatomy and physiology or are filled with wishy washy imagery that generally serves to frustrate a developing contemporary singer who wants to know how to accurately address their vocal issues. This is a practical and ‘artist’ sensitive guide for contemporary singers. It is so good to read a ‘how to sing’ book that understands the artistic process a singer needs to follow and how it relates to the technical and physical process of singing. No airy fairy imagery, just practical easy to do follow exercises for a developing singer who wants to understand how to craft their art whilst singing in a safe and accessible way.”

Line Hilton, iSing Editor Magazine, UK

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